Virtual Spaces are giving us amazing oppurtunity to explore and enjoy our imagination in a way that we never had the oppurtunity to explore before.

Meanwhile social media companies are turning their eyes on these technologies as

the amount of data that is being collected right now through smart devices that we are using is nothing compare to what data that can be collected once we start using Virtual Reality tools on a daily basis

Our passion is to live in a world where these Cyber Realities are collectively created by humanity in order to learn, grow and educate each other by empowering imagination through Cyber Space

For this reason, We are here to empower the imagination through

Cyber Space

Our last wish would be to see this great potential being used to manipulate our civilazation and trap our minds inside these Virtual Worlds with sophisticated Alghorithms that are designed to suck our humanity

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Meet The Cyber Rabbits

We are a group of technology enthusiast who believe in the

utopian and balanced future that can be achieved by bringing a conscious awareness onto the technological development of early 21st century


Owen Barnes


Batuhan Bintas

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Daniel Hulme




Artificial intellegence -Decentralization supervisor