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We live in a very interesting age where science fiction is becoming science fact. It’s been only 20 years since

the World Wide Web connected all of us, only 10 years since smart devices entered our pockets and today we are experiencing rise of the Artificial Intelligence. As if this was not exciting enough, right now we are creating Cyber Worlds that we can access by using Augmented(AR)-Mixed(MR)-Virtual(VR) reality tools.


The age we live in requires not only the creation of more sophisticated tools, but also understanding the responsibility that comes with these creations.


Our current civilasation is becoming puffed up with arrogance and pride of its achievements. We have become cruel, we started projecting power around the world, shape the destinies of other living beings and our planet in a very negative way. The current system totally focuses on material things, ignores the realm of the spirit and lives only in the moment with short term economic gains being its entire focus.


The lesson of history is that we need to learn humility, we need to learn to bear our prosperity with moderation.


Cyber-Rabbit is an emerging London based  Multidisciplinary Immersive Mixed Reality Media studio that explores how we can use technology to harness our true potential, reach the deepest secrets of our minds and reconnect to the collective mind. From exploring the creation of non-ordinary state of consciousness by using Mixed Reality technologies and the power of the sound through Cyberdelic experiences,to creating content that raises awareness about our planet, the realm of the spirit and forgotten knowledge of the ancient wisdom, Cyber-Rabbit’s main goal is to contribute into the Paradigm Shift that the universe we live in is currently going through…


…towards love and oneness.

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