If we are the species that followed our curiosity and tasted the bitter fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, then we can be sure that our current civilisation is about to taste the bitter fruit from this reality through Technological Advancements

Advances in science and technology are given us unpresetended access to and insight about the upper range of human experience

It's been only 20 years since the whole globe has been connected to each other through the Internet revolutIon

Only 10 years since smart personalised devices entered our pockets

And today, We are creating Intelegences that can think for themselves

We are altering the biological human design,

and accessing its greater potential through technology

We are exploring what once only what we call as gods were capable of doing

it is indeed a very exciting time to be alive

However, if this technological development do not come with the perspective of seeing us as one,

and working for the empowerment of the global community rather than individual selfish gains

Then we still risk bringing the end of our civilazation with our own hands

When we actually have the potential to transcend as a global intellegence


We live in a time where science fiction

is becoming science fact.


For this reason let's collectively write beautiful science fictions in which we wish to live and raise our next generations.

We would like to offer you this Cyber Mushroom so you can enter our world of imagination


Or is your curiosity wondering where the other apple would take you to? Please feel free to satisfy your curiosity by taking it