cyber mushroom

Cyber Mushroom is the value system that is used across the Psychedelic and Cyberdelic communities.

Cyber Mushrooms can be spent on Cyber-Rabbit to bring experiences into existence in Cyberland

Cyber Mushrooms can also be collected by collectively helping building the cyber land 


cyber mushroom

At the moment we are working on building the Cyberland and soon we are aiming to launch Cyber-Mushrooms. 

If you share the same believes with our vision and would like to support this collective mission, we welcome donations purely based on trust and believe in each other in form of Cryptocurrency

Below you can find our E-Wallet information.

Claiming the new information technologies has given our society to build a new value system that is based on trust and vision of the communities. 

IF you would like to hear more about how these technologies are already having an impact on our society and what an exciting future is waiting ahead, have a listen to Owen Barnes ideas

(Share up to date information on who has helped Cyber-Rabbit.