Batuhan bintas


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As a kid, Batuhan was told that an invisible curtain covers our eyes from seeing the parallel dimensions and their inhabitants that surround us. Ever since he has been exploring ways of opening that curtain and having a sneaky peak to the other side, which has also reflected on his creative journey.


An Interdimensional Multidisciplinary Cybernaut&Psychonaut, Batuhan explores the use of Augmented and Virtual reality tools in the creation of portals between the known and unknown, thus he follows his fascination in creating a cyber space where the archetypes of imagination can find their embodiments.  His passion is to illustrate to the viewer that there is always more than what meets the eye and therefore it is important to keep an open mind to the new world of possibilities within this mystical human experience that we are all going through collectively.


He has founded Multidisciplinary Decentralized Mixed Reality studio "Cyber-Rabbit", which can be followed by the audience in order to fall into the Cyber hole to explore the role of technology in the evolution of consciousness.