adventures in cyberland

Adventures in Cyberland is an illustrated book that invites the reader to explore what is happening in a cyber reality parallel to our own, hidden inside the pages of the book. Each page of the book is a painting that is a  portal, gateway into the Cyberland.

Cyber-Mushroom is the smart device app that is designed to take the Aliceers to an Adventure in Cyberland. The app combines Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality technologies and it allows the audience interact with every page and stories of the book. The audience can choose whether to interact with illustrations and characters by Augmenting the reality of the page or fall into the story on the chosen page by turning the experience into Virtual.

The book context engineers the traditional way of reading a story. Instead of following the story of Alice by reading the book, the audience becomes the Aliceer. They are invited to follow the Cyber-Rabbit and enter directly in to the world of the story hidden on each page through the Extended Reality (XR)* experiences that get activated by “Cyber Mushroom”.

In this Cyberland our Aliceers go through stories about from the rising ideas that challenge the status quo such a decentralising our society, creating a new value system together with cryptocurrencies to how we are collectively extending possible realities with XR technologies and exploring the realms in the mysteries of the mind, creating AIs, and future of our collective evolution.

We are more than happy to share with you that Adventures in Cyberland was first officially published at EVA conference on Arts & Technology, held at British Computer Society in July 2018, and it has been chosen as the best paper and presentation of the conference

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